Gorilla Trekking Uganda and Rwanda

2-Day Gorilla Trekking Adventure in Uganda & Rwanda

2-Day Gorilla Trekking Adventure in Uganda & Rwanda

Take a 2 Days Gorilla Trekking Tour in Uganda and Rwanda and visit Bwindi and Volcanoes Park! Budget gorilla watching and detailed itineraries provided.

2 Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda and Rwanda, Bwindi forest and Volcanoes Park are the venues for these Gorilla Tour packages and Budget gorilla watching.

Exploring⁤ the ​Breathtaking ⁤Habitats of Uganda and ⁤Rwanda’s Gorillas

Embark on a thrilling adventure through the lush landscapes​ of Uganda and Rwanda as‍ you ‌delve‍ deep into the habitats of the majestic gorillas.‌ With towering trees⁢ and ‍dense undergrowth ⁤surrounding you, every step you take‍ brings ⁤you ​closer ⁢to these incredible creatures ⁣in their natural habitats.

With experienced⁢ guides leading ​the way, you’ll trek through⁣ the dense forests, ⁢listening to the calls of birds overhead and the rustling of leaves underfoot.⁣ Along the way, you’ll catch glimpses ⁣of playful monkeys swinging through the⁣ trees and‌ colorful‍ butterflies ‍fluttering by. As you approach the gorilla⁢ families,⁢ you’ll witness⁤ their interactions up close, from caring for their young to foraging for food in the undergrowth.

Top Tips for a ⁢Successful and Ethical Gorilla Trekking Experience

When embarking on a gorilla trekking adventure in Uganda or Rwanda, it’s⁢ essential to prioritize both success and ethics. To ensure a‌ memorable and responsible experience, follow‌ these top⁢ tips:

  • Respect the Environment: Stay ​on designated ⁣paths to minimize​ your impact on the ⁤gorillas’ habitat.
  • Follow the Guidelines: Listen to your guides and ‌strictly adhere to rules such as keeping a safe distance from the gorillas.
  • Practice Patience: Gorilla trekking⁣ can be physically⁣ demanding, so be prepared for long hikes and extended periods of‌ waiting for‌ sightings.

Furthermore, remember to maintain a respectful distance from the gorillas, avoid​ feeding them, and refrain from ⁣using flash‍ photography to minimize stress on these incredible creatures. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy ‌a fulfilling and⁣ ethical ​gorilla trekking experience while also contributing​ to the conservation efforts aimed at ‍protecting ⁢these majestic animals.

The Ultimate Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Uganda⁢ & Rwanda

Embark ‍on an unforgettable adventure into the⁤ heart of ‍the African jungle with our ultimate guide to gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda. Get ready​ to witness ⁢these majestic creatures up close⁣ in their ⁣natural habitat and ‌experience the ‌thrill of a lifetime.

Here are some key highlights of gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda:

  • Encounter the endangered mountain ​gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Volcanoes National Park.
  • Explore the lush green landscapes and⁢ diverse ‍wildlife of Uganda ‌and Rwanda.
  • Learn ‍about the conservation efforts to protect these incredible animals and their habitats.

2 Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda and Rwanda

Detailed Itineraries for both Gorilla Tour packages from Kigali and ending in Kigali Rwanda are below;

Rwanda or Uganda for Gorilla Trekking


Gorilla Tour Packages



Uganda Gorillas, Gorilla Trekking from Kigali and back


Day 1 – Visit Kigali Genocide Memorial and Transfer from Kigali- Rwanda to Bwindi gorilla forest/Mgahinga Gorilla Park

From your booked Hotel in Kigali or on arrival at Kigali Airport, our safari guide will meet you, visit Kigali Genocide memorial and then transfer to either Bwindi forest or Mgahinga Park where you will trek the Gorillas.

Dinner and overnight at Kiho Lodge/Buhoma lodge/Bwindi lodge/Gorilla safari lodge/ Gorilla Heights Lodge/Mt. Gahinga Lodge (luxury).

Buhoma Heaven Lodge/Traveler’s rest Kisoro/Bakiga Lodge/Rushaga Gorilla camp/Mucha lodge (Mid-range)

And Ruhija Gorilla campsite/Rushaga Gorilla Camp – budget rooms/ Ruhija Camp/Bwindi view /Buhoma the Community Banda’s (Low budget/basic accommodation)

Gorilla Tour PackagesDay 2 – Gorilla Trekking and transfer to Kigali Rwanda

Have an early breakfast and get ready for trekking, which begins at 8:00 am with briefing from UWA staff.

Ensure to carry a rain jacket and drinking water, snacks or soft drinks and jungle boots. The guides will lead you inside the jungle to see the shy Primates for a group you are assigned to.

Do not forget to take lunch boxes and the necessary gear for tracking the rare Mountain Gorilla, perhaps one of the most exciting wildlife experiences on earth.

Tracking to take between 2 to 6 hours but it is well worth the effort.

After the trek, you will drive back to Kigali Rwanda and be dropped off at Kigali Airport for your late departure flight or at a place of your interest.

Budget Gorilla watchingThis Budget gorilla watching includes:

Transportation by a 4-wheel drive vehicle, Full board accommodation and One Gorilla permit to be secured immediately

Kigali Genocide Memorial, Park fees or An English-Speaking Driver/guide not forgetting Meals en route and Airport drop off

The package excludes expenses of personal nature like: Visa, drinks, laundry, tips to local guides, telephone, and porter fee while trekking.



This safari will cost  Budget Lodge

1 Person is USD 1420

2 People is USD 1220 per person



Budget gorilla watching Rwanda (Mountain gorillas Rwanda) of 2 Days Gorilla Trekking Uganda and Rwanda

Mountain gorillas Rwanda2 DAYS GORILLA TREKKING RWANDA (Fly in and out of Kigali Rwanda)

Day 1 – Visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial and Transfer from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park

From your booked Hotel in Kigali, our safari guide will meet you and visit Kigali Genocide memorial and then transfer to Volcanoes National Park.

Having Dinner and overnight at Virunga lodge/ Sambyinyo Lodge (extremely expensive) or Five Volcanoes Hotel/Mountain view Gorilla lodge (luxury)

Le Bambou Gorilla Lodge/ Da vinci gorilla lodge (Mid-range) or Muhabura Hotel/ Kinigi guest house (budget)

Gorilla Tour PackagesDay 2 – Gorilla trekking and transfer to Kigali Rwanda

Take morning breakfast and visit Volcanoes National park headquarters for registration and briefing then start the trek at 9:00am.

It is a magical experience to track gorillas through the thin alpine forest on the Virungas’ slopes. You will spend 1 hour with the gorillas after finding them.

The total during of tracking and viewing is 2-6 hours, you will return to Kigali in the evening for your late departure flight.

This safari package includes:

Transportation by a 4 wheel drive vehicle, Full board accommodation, One Gorilla permit per person to be secured immediately AT 1500USD and Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Budget gorilla watchingPark entry fees, an English-Speaking Driver/guide, Meals en route as well and Airport drop off but excludes expenses of personal nature and they are Visa, drinks, laundry, tips to local guides, telephone, porter fee while trekking.

Budget Lodge

1Person is USD 2280

2 People is USD 2050 per person

These Gorilla Tour packages with Katona tours are very affordable rates.

Budget gorilla watchingGuests to upgrade to either Mid-range lodges or Luxury Lodges on request and WhatsApp: +256774161700, or Emails: info@katonatours.com , jaquka@yahoo.com





To‍ Conclude

As you journey into ‌the heart ⁤of Uganda and Rwanda, surrounded by⁢ the lush greenery and majestic mountains, ⁤you can’t⁣ help but feel a​ connection to these incredible creatures and their⁣ natural habitat.⁤ Gorilla trekking is ⁣not just a physical​ adventure, but a soul-stirring experience that will ⁢stay⁤ with you long after you’ve left the jungle behind.

So go ahead, pack your bags and feed your wild⁤ wanderlust⁤ with a once-in-a-lifetime gorilla trekking ​expedition in⁢ Uganda and Rwanda. The memories you’ll make and⁣ the moments you’ll share with these magnificent creatures are sure to ‍be etched⁣ in your heart forever. Adventure awaits, so why wait?‍ Embark on ⁤this incredible journey​ and let the magic of ⁣the mountains fill your soul.

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