Gorilla Trekking Prices or Gorilla Permits cost for Gorilla Tour

Gorilla Trekking Prices in Uganda, Congo and Rwanda. Explore the cheapest way for mountain gorilla trekking in Africa and find special deals on gorilla permits in the different National Parks.

Gorilla permits cost 700USD in Uganda, 1500USD in Rwanda and 400USD in Congo Virunga park.

Gorilla Trekking Prices for Uganda or Cost of Gorilla Permits is 700USD. 1500USD and 400USD are for Rwanda and Congo Virunga park.

Cost of Gorilla Permits

Gorilla Trekking Prices

Gorilla Trekking Prices for Uganda

Gorilla Trekking prices and Cost of Gorilla Permits

Gorilla trekking Rwanda prices for Foreign non residents is 1500USD where as for Residents of all Africa countries is 500USD

gorilla trekking rwanda pricesKigali Gorilla Tour PricesDo you want to know the cheapest way for Trekking Gorillas in Africa?.

Get information about the cost of Gorilla Permits for Mountain Gorilla National Parks since gorilla permit prices vary.

Also find cheap deals for discounted prices for seeing the mountain gorillas

Kigali Gorilla Tour Prices and Gorilla Trekking  Prices for Rwanda


Rwanda sells it’s tracking permits at USD $1500 for Volcanos Gorilla park to all Foreign non residents.

However, Foreign residents pay USD $500 for gorilla permit where as Africans pay USD$200 to Trek Gorillas in Volcanoes Park

Gorilla Trekking pricesMean while Uganda sells it’s Gorilla Permits at 700USD for Foreign non residents almost half price of Rwanda Gorilla pass.





Gorilla Trip Prices for Uganda and cost of Tracking Permits

Cost of Gorilla PermitsA summary of Uganda’s Permit fees for both Bwindi Forest National park and Mgahinga National park

US$700 for non-nationals then US$600 for foreign residents and lastly UGX 250,000  for East Africa citizens.

Cost of Gorilla Permits for Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda

Cost of Gorilla PermitsGorilla Habituation permit costs US$1500 (all seasons) per person regardless of citizenship.

In Spite of the pricey  Cost of Gorilla Permits for Rwanda, the country’s pride is in the possibility for Tourists to trek gorillas and fly out on the same day.

Kigali Airport from Volcanoes National Park is easily accessed by road transport and it is only 116 km distance in between.

On the other hand, travelling by road from Kampala or Entebbe Airport  to takes Bwindi 8 hours or so

In that sense, you will spend 3 days for your gorilla trek tour in Uganda travelling to Bwindi Gorilla forest.

It is shorter to fly into Kigali Airport and drive to Uganda via Katuna border.

The trekker can fly into Entebbe Airport Uganda then fly to Bwindi Forest National Park.

They will then fly to either Kisoro Airstrip or Kihihi Airstrip close to Bwindi.

Gorilla trekking price

Gorilla Trekking Prices for Uganda and Rwanda include the following

A Gorilla Trekking permit, Ranger fees and park entry fees

Get detailed information about Gorilla Trekking Prices and Quotation for Cost of Gorilla Tours.

Purchase Gorilla Tracking permits for either Bwindi Forest or Mgahinga park from Katona Tours and Travel.

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