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Oruzogo Gorilla Family in Ruhija Sector Bwindi

Procedures for Gorilla permit booking for Ruhija Sector Bwindi with a reputable Gorilla company such as Katona Tours in order to see Oruzogo Gorilla Family during a Uganda Gorilla Tour

Oruzogo Gorilla Family in Bwindi Forest

 Oruzogo Gorilla Family

Buy  Ruhija Gorilla permit  and Trek Oruzongo Gorilla Family. Find out what to pack in order to Trek Oruzongo Gorilla group

The Oruzogo Gorillas stay in Ruhija sector in Bwindi impenetrable forest of the southwest part of Uganda, the Oruzogo Gorilla family is one of the three gorilla families in Ruhija Sector and has the biggest number of members. Oruzogo gorilla group Ruhija is the recently habituated Gorilla Family for Gorilla trekking and has 23 members headed by a dominant Silver back called Tibirikwata.

It was first visited by gorilla lovers in 2011 and is the most sought Gorilla group in Ruhija sector

Ruhija Sector in Bwindi Forest shelters other two gorilla families;  Kyaguliro gorilla family which previously was a research group and Bitukura gorilla family the smallest of all.

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Gorilla Trekkers of Oruzogo Gorilla Group can sleep at ;  Bakiga Lodge, Gorilla Mist camp, Ruhija Gorilla safari Lodge, Trekkers Tavern, Bakiga Lodge Ruhija and Gift of Nature Lodge

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