Bwindi Forest National Park

Bwindi Forest National Park known as Bwindi Gorilla Forest Uganda is a home to hundreds of endangered mountain gorillas. Trekking of Gorillas can be carried out in Mgahinga Park as well. Most Gorilla Tracking is done in Bwindi Forest

Bwindi Gorilla Forest National Park Uganda

Bwindi Forest National ParkBwindi Gorilla Forest National Park commonly known as Bwindi impenetrable forest due to its dense population of bio mass, is located in south-western part of Uganda on the sting of the western vale covering 331 sq. kms. It’s one amongst the most important natural forests in East Africa, supporting sizeable amount of plants and animals not found elsewhere within the continent, this Forest is famous for Uganda Gorilla Trekking Trips.

Bwindi Forest  National Park is found amidst glorious forests within the extreme finish of south western African country, across the steep escarpments of the western valley, Bwindi is the solely park within the world that is known for harbouring nearly half the world’s vulnerable gorillas. There are currently only 650 left within the world! it’s worthy for you to encounter one cluster of habituated gorillas believed to be the origin of mankind; the most well liked attraction in African country today!Bwindi Forest National Park

Bwindi Forest Impenetrable Forest is additionally surrounded by eighty species of mammals, different primates and 346 species of bird life of which almost 90th of them are endemic to East Africa. Performances by the native communities within the evening around Buhoma are worthy to envision or cultural village walks to satisfy and interact with the native communities are optional activities to be done.

There are several selections of accommodation in which you can sleep in during your stay in Bwindi Gorilla Forest: Dinner and overnight can be spend at Buhoma lodge/ Bwindi lodge /Ruhija Gorilla safari lodge (luxury), Silver back lodge/Nshongi gorilla resort/Bakiga Lodge/Nkuringo camp(mid-range), Buhoma Community Bandas / Bwindi view Bandas /Nkuringo campsite /Virunga Hotel/Gorilla valley lodge /trekkers tervan (Budget accommodation)

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Bwindi Forest National Park Known as Bwindi Gorilla Forest Uganda
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Bwindi Forest National Park Known as Bwindi Gorilla Forest Uganda
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Bwindi Forest National Park
Bwindi Forest National Park also called Bwindi Gorilla Forest Uganda is a home to thousands of endangered mountain gorillas. Trekking of Gorillas is also done in Mgahinga Park but most Gorilla Tracking is carried out in Bwindi Forest
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