Covid-19 Tours and Safaris Guideline

Covid-19 Tours and Safaris Guideline for Uganda and Rwanda

Covid-19 Tours and Safaris Guideline for Uganda and Rwanda put in place and followed by Katona Tours or Tourists  during Uganda Safaris and Rwanda Tours like Gorilla Trekking, Wild life Safaris, game viewing safaris, Africa vacations or family holidays.

Covid-19 Tours and Safaris Guideline for Uganda and Rwanda Vacation

Covid-19 Tours and Safaris GuidelineAt Katona Tours and Travel we are following world health organisation (WHO) guideline in the fight against COVID 19 because the well-being of our guests is paramount to us.

We have therefore set up standard operating procedures to follow as we extend our Tourism services to our esteemed clients for gorilla holidays in Rwanda and Uganda

We are providing the following in fight against COVID 19 when traveling with us

-Our Safari vehicles are cleaned and washed every day after an activity

-The car seats and seat belts are sanitised every morning before our guests access them and after indulging in an activity

-Our Vehicles are parked with water and hand liquid soap for cleaning your hands often

-We provide free masks to our guests both re-usable and non-reusable every day

-We Provide free hand sanitiser to our guests

-We provide packed lunch or snacks to those who do not want to have stopovers at restaurants en route to your preferred destinations so as to maintain social distancing and minimise contact with the public

Following Covid-19 Tours and Safaris Guideline

Covid-19 ToursBefore embarking on the Safari, our Safari guides undergo a COVID 19 Test and wear masks throughout the Tours and safaris for both their safety and that of the guests. The masks are designed to not interfere with their guiding and ability to speak with our guests.

Whether Gorilla and Primate safaris, each of our safari vehicle carry not more than 1- 4 guests to maintain social distancing

In case of Group Tours, where the number exceeds 4, we provide more vehicles to accommodate the rest of the group members in line with WHO COVID 19 guideline.

Cancellation due to COVID 19

Covid-19 Safaris GuidelineIn case a guest decides to cancel the booked trip or Safari (keeping in mind UWA –Uganda wild life Authority and RDB- Rwanda development Board. These organisations in charge of Tourism in Uganda and Tourism in Rwanda respectively, do not give refunds for once purchased permits).

-Both organisations encourage guests in this category to reschedule their Gorilla Permits and Tours to future dates from anywhere to December 2022

Alternatively, for Uganda permits, Guests should give us ample time to advertise their booked permits and resale them to interested party for a refund to be effected. Kindly note this option is not so reliable. (we therefore encourage to reschedule your permits instead)

For more information about Covid-19 Tours and Safaris Guideline, Please contact us at ,   and send a message on what-sup for immediate reply at +256774161700





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