Nyiragongo Volcano

Nyiragongo Volcano in Republic of Democratic Congo

Nyiragongo Volcano Hike in Democratic Republic of Congo in Eastern province sharing border with Rwanda. Experience a breath taking adventure when Trekking Nyiragongo Volcano.

Mount Nyiragongo Volcano Congo Introduction

Democratic Republic of CongoClimb an active Volcano Mt. Nyirangogo in Goma.

In Virunga National Park in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo lies an active Volcano the Nyiragongo. This active Volcano is situated in the Western branch of the Rift Valley with a 1.2 km diameter summit caldera containing the world’s most active and largest lava lake. It is infamous for its extremely fluid lava that runs as water when the lava lake drains.

Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption in Democratic Republic of Congo

The Nyiragongo Volcano in Virunga National Prak Congo erupted on 17th. January 2002 and the lava lake drained from fissures on its western flanks. The city center of the Goma town, the capital of the East Virunga province, had been destroyed by voluminous lava flows. 200,000 people were left homeless, adding to the human disaster caused by frequent civil wars.

The large lava lake contained in its deep summit crater, now active again, became famous in the 1960’s and 70’s when volcanologists such as the Kraffts and Tazieff studied it.

It had been active for half a century before it drained in one of the volcano’s recent most catastrophic eruptions in 1977: through openings in its outer flanks in 1977, a huge lava flow poured out and killed hundreds of people. A similar event happened again in January 2002, when lava flows from flank vents drained the lake and cut through Goma, reaching Lake Kivu.

In contrast to its neighbour volcano, Nyamuragira,- a typical, and very active shield volcano comparable with Mauna Loa,- the 3470-m-high Nyiragongo displays the steep slopes of a stratovolcano. Terraces inside the steep-walled, 1.2-km-wide summit crater mark levels of former lava lakes, which have been observed since the late-19th century.

Two older volcanoes, Baruta and Shaheru, are partially overlapped by Nyiragongo on the north and south and look like lateral cones. About 100 parasitic cones are located primarily along radial fissures south of Shaheru, east of the summit, and along a NE-SW zone extending as far as Lake Kivu. Many cones are buried by voluminous lava flows that extend long distances down the flanks of the volcano.

2 Days Tour from Goma to Nyiragongo Volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo is perfect to adventure this scenic Volcano in DR Congo.

You can join Nyiragongo Volcano hike with a day Tour to trek gorillas in Virunga National Park in 3 days.

What you need to visit Nyiragongo Volcano

-You must have a valid yellow fever certificate

-DR Congo Tourist Visa, it costs 300$, When you sign up  Gorilla Trekking in Congo or Nyirangogo Tour with Katona Tours and Travel, you pay 100$ only for the same DR Congo Tourist Visa



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