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Best Country to Trek Gorillas Uganda or Rwanda and Congo

What is the Best Country to Trek Gorillas in East Africa. Find out whether it is Uganda, Rwanda or Congo given their Geographical uniqueness.Having known the best National Park to see Gorillas, it is easy to choose from Volcanoe Gorilla Park, Mgahinga Gorilla Park, Virunga National Park and Bwindi Forest

Best Country to see GorillasWhere is it better to see gorillas in East Africa, find out the Best National Park to watch Gorillas; is it Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo?.  Find detailed information about the best place to go for Gorilla Tracking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Mountain Gorillas stay in their natural habitats of Virunga Volcano regions of Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga Park, Virunga park and Volcanoes Park where the Gorilla Trekking Exercise takes place.

What does the Best Country to Trek Gorillas depends on

Best Country to Trek Gorillas

Gorilla Permit Prices

Rwanda Gorilla Permits cost 1500USD, Uganda Gorilla Permits cost 600USD and Congo Gorilla Permits cost 400USD.

To Budget travelers, Congo and Uganda are affordable than Rwanda thus gives advantage to Congo and Uganda over Rwanda.

Other other hand, Uganda stands more chances of being booked than Congo since Uganda Tourist Visa cost 100$ whereas Congo Tourist Visa cost 300$.

Driving Distances to Best National Park to see Gorillas

Best National Park to see GorillasThe lengthy distance from Entebbe Airport to Bwindi Forest Park and Mgahinga Park where Gorillas are trekked in Uganda (8-9 hours’ drive), turns off the Rich and weak Tourist who opt for Rwanda as their ideal Gorilla Trekking destination.

The same happens to Congo, Gorilla Trekkers need to fly into Kigali Rwanda and drive to Goma Congo there by paying Rwanda and Congo Tourist Visa fee separately which is very expensive.

In Uganda, you can get to Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga Park in 2 hours’ time when you fly with scheduled flight of AeroLink Uganda, there by paying less and get a chance to reduce the distance and enjoy trekking Gorillas with cheap Uganda Gorilla Permit.

How much to trek to see the Gorillas

Much as Rwanda ‘s Gorilla permits are pricey,  Gorilla tracking exercises are much easier and shorter compared to those of Uganda and Congo. Photo taking is easier in Volcano park then Bwindi Forest.

Some Gorilla groups in Bwindi Forest are strenuous to trek and in spite of that, Uganda has Tourist Destinations variety.

Best Country to Trek Gorillas and Wild Life Safaris

Trekkers who want a safari can consider Uganda as the right choice since it has a lot of Tourist attractions and activities to offer to Tours. A traveler can combine a long safari with Gorilla Trekking which Rwanda and Congo cannot offer

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