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Mt. Mgahinga National Park Uganda Gorilla National park found in south western Uganda

Mt. Mgahinga National Park is another Gorilla National park found in south western Uganda where Gorilla Tracking, Golden monkey Tracking, Batwa Trail and Mt. Mgahinga Hike are done. Visit the Nyakagezi Gorilla family, the only Gorilla group in this park. Gorilla permits cost 600USD only

Mt. Mgahinga National Park Uganda

Experience the lives of Pygimies of Uganda in Mgahinga Park and Gorilla Trekking Adventure

Mt. Mgahinga National Park Activities in Mgahinga National ParkBeing the tiniest national park, Mgahinga protects the Ugandan part of the ‘Virunga mountains; a vary of extinct and active Volcanoes that straddle the border. A tropical?woodland, much of the lower slopes?are?depleted by the encroachment of farms, however, the bamboo and alpine forests?stay?mostly?intact and?provide?refuge to visiting Gorilla gorilla?teams?from?neighbour?Congo and?Rwanda.
These?gorilla?teams?often?’pop in’ and take temporary residence for?a couple?of months at a stretch. The following primates?are also?available?within the?park, the Blue Monkeys, Black & White?catarrhine, leopard, forest elephant, and giant forest hog?similarly?as?varied?species of birds.

This park is a famous refuge for ‘Gentle Giants’ Mgahinga?is additionally?a favourite?with hikers?who?return?to explore the numerous?caves?and also the?3?volcanoes, which lie?partly?within?the park’s borders.
Mountain gorillas?form?the most?attraction at Mgahinga?national park,?that?protects the Ugandan portion of the Virungas,?an?imposing string of?9?separate?extinct and active volcanoes?that?run along?the board with?Rwandese Republic?and Congo.

This park shares boarders with Congos Parc National des Virunga and Rwandas Parc National des Volcans.

The smallest Gorilla National park in the Virungas is Mgahinga Gorilla park in Uganda favoring Gorilla Tours as well.


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