Kwita Izina Rwanda

Kwita Izina Rwanda or Gorilla Naming in Rwanda Ceremony

Kwita Izina a Rwanda ceremony, local name for Gorilla Naming involves Gorilla Tours in Rwanda and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking. Gorilla Tracking and Kwita Izina Rwanda Gorilla permits can be bought from Katona Tours

Kwita Izina Rwanda

The Kwita Izina Rwanda referring to Gorilla Naming in Rwanda

Join Kwita Izina Ceremony that is an activity done annually and is aimed at naming Baby Gorillas in Volcano Park Rwanda, this year 2017 will see 19 new born gorillas for naming on 1st. September as organized by RDB i.e. Rwanda Development Board an organization in charge of Gorilla conservation and selling of Gorilla permits in Rwanda.

Since 2005, this event has been celebrated by thousands of Mountain Gorilla lovers annually in Kinigi

Gorilla Naming in Rwanda

Gorilla Naming locally will wrap up the Cultural Tourism Week that commenced on 25th.August this year.

The Cultural Tourism Week has become a premier chain of events through which Rwandans have the chance to reflect about their rich cultural heritage and play a critical role in conservation efforts. The event also gives Kwita Izina attendees a peek into the “real Rwanda” during their visit to the country.

Kwita Izina Volcanoes National Park Gorillas to be named


Kwita Izina Rwanda

Gorilla Naming in Rwanda


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