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Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park

Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park costs 100$ per Golden monkey permit and is done during the morning hours after briefing in Kinigi. Golden monkey tracking has no limited number of trekkers. Any one can trek golden monkeys in Rwanda has it does not need physical fitness

Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda Volcanoes National ParkGolden monkeys are some of the primates found in Rwanda and can be tracked in the bamboo forest sharing border with Volcano National Park only where Gorilla tracking takes place.

On top of the endangered Mountain Gorillas, Golden monkeys are other primates to be trekked in Volcanoes national park of Rwanda. Currently Volcanoes has two habituated golden monkeys’ troops with 80 members, One Troop comprises around 80 – 100 members and has its home at the foot of Mt Sabyinyo in Volcanoes Park.

Golden Monkeys are rare species in the World and thus endangered. The Golden Monkey (Cercopithecus Mitis Kandti) is a local subspecies of the widespread Sykes Monkey, also known as the “Blue Monkey” and is endemic to the high altitude forests of the Volcanoes Park area.

Golden Monkey TrackingInformation about Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda

  • Golden Monkey Trekking done in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park can be combined with Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda each activity to take place on separate days. Golden Monkey Tracking or Golden Monkey Trekking permit in Rwanda costs 100USD per permit for Foreigners.
  • Briefing, Registration of trekkers and allocation of  groups for is done in Kinigi at Volcanoes Park Headquarters Musanze /Ruhengeri at 7: 30 Am, then visit Golden Monkeys
  • Un like Gorilla trekking which takes in a maximum of 8 trackers/ Tourist per tracking exercise daily, Golden Monkey Tracking has no limit to the number of trekkers.   Golden Monkey viewing in Rwanda can be booked in advance or on the D-Day of the Golden Monkey Tracking Rwanda.
  • Porters can be hired at the entry point of the park at 20 -25 USD each Porter, also hiking sticks can be hired at the Trekking point during
  • Golden Monkey Tracking duration is 1 – 3 hours for trackers to encounter the Golden Monkeys.

These primates are very active creatures which jump from tree to tree making it difficult to photograph.

The Golden Monkey Tracking in Rwanda is worth going for while in Volcanoes Park and if you’re interested in wildlife, this is a rare and delightful experience not to be missed.

Hotels to consider sleeping in Kinigi near Rwanda Volcanoes Park

1) Kinigi Guest House/ Muhabura Hotel (Budget)

2) Le Bamboo Lodge/Snow Hotel/ La Palme (Mid-Range)

3) Mountain Gorilla View Lodge/ Virunga Lodge (Luxury)

4) Sambyinyo Silver Back Lodge (Extremely expensive – Luxury)

For Further Information about Golden Monkey Tracking, send us an E-mail at info@katonatours.com  / jaquka@yahoo.com   or call us at +256774161700   and   +256701161700



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