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Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda maximize chances of seeing tree climbing lions in Ishasha Sector, Wild life and Bird species during a launch cruise on Kazinga channel. A 4 days trip duration is the most suitable Tour to enjoy all the activities done in Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Booking space for a 2 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Tour or 3 Days Queen Elizabeth safari to view wild life in Queen Elizabeth Park at low rates can be done through Katona Tours.

Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park  in Uganda a famous game reserve in western part of the Country is one of the outstanding treasures of Uganda. Queen Elizabeth park has recently been selected a biosphere Reserve for Humanity beneath United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. The park covers 2000 sq. kms and includes a motivating kind of eco-systems; from semi-deciduous tropical forest to inexperienced meadows, savannah and swamps. Its the house of the known tree-climbing lions, the?African nation kob and different antelope as well as elephant, buffalo, hippos, baboons, and chimpanzee.

Queen Elizabeth National ParkOver five hundred species of birds are recorded here making it prime target for birdwatchers. Species recorded embrace the shoebird wader, black bee-eater, eleven forms of kingfishers and a range of raptors together with many falcons and eagles. Within the crater lakes, spectacular flocks of flamingos gather, making the image of a moving pink carpet. The park is found within the Western Arm of the nice East African Rift valley; the park extends its horizons to the foothills of impressive scenery of Mt Rwenzori within the North to Ishasha sector southward famed for rare tree mounting lions.
The launch cruise on Kazinga Channel between Lake George and Lake Edward is an unforgettable way to view the range of game in Queen Elizabeth.

Actually the park could be a treasure, a rich environment of grassland, equatorial rain forests, papyrus swamps, Crater Lakes, baboons formation, kyambura gorge for Chimpanzees, Kazinga channel, Lake Edward and Lake George, filled with animals and birds.
A Launch trip either morning or late afternoon and game drives provide guests with simple viewing of animals like Elephant, Buffalos, waterbucks, mongoose, warthogs, lions and a number of other bird species. Kyambura gorge offers lifespan experience to trek chimpanzees and alternative primates whereas the crater lakes region and Old World monkey cliffs build guests see the real style of wonders of nature. Mweya safari lodge adjacent to Kazinga channel and Jacana expedition lodge below spectacular Maramagambo forest scenery provide the best accommodation with hospitable workers.

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