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Exploring Rwanda’s Congo Nile Trail: Hiking, Biking and Kayaking

Congo Nile Trail safari Tour is a Rwanda Trip operated along Lake Kivu. Book Congo Nile Trail from Rubavu to Rutsiro and Karongi or Nyamasheke districts ending in Kibuye Rwanda.

Congo Nile Trail goes as far as Nyungwe Forest for a better experience

Congo Nile Trail Nile Trail Adventure in Rwanda

Tourists whose interest lies in Biking Tours, Hiking Trips and Kayaking can visit Rwanda Gisenyi and take part in Congo Trail.

The adventurous Congo Trail is the longest in the East Africa region measuring 227 km long revealing Beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills and clear water and the entire trek. This Congo trail is one of Tourist activities in Rwanda which can be experienced by walking, cycling and motorcycling all the way to Nyungwe Forest


Congo Nile TrailCongo Nile Trail

Hiking of the Congo Trail can be completed in 8 days to 10 days depending on ones ability to Hike

Congo Trail Biking

Biking of the Congo Nile gives beautiful views , very scenic and immersive cultural experiences along the way. This trail appeals to adventure travelers and is a great way to experience the scenic Rwanda and can be completed in 5 days the starti g point being in Gisenyi Rwanda.

Different routes to follow in Rwanda

1.From Gisenyi to Kamembe: This can be completed in 5 days on a bike without mechanical problems.

2.From Gisenyi to Kibuye:  This is the shortest and can be covered in a day or two, a good option for Explorers who have limited time.

Items to pack for the Congo Nile Trail Rwanda

-You need to pack Food/ Snacks

-Plenty of drinking water or juice

-Rack sack

-Hiking Boots


-A bike, bicycle,

-Sleeping Tents and Bags,

-Spare parts for those using motorcycles and bikes

-Sun Glasses

Lodges for Congo Nile Adventure

Peace guest house, Kinunu guest house, home Saint Jean guest house, Kibogora guest house, Bethanie guest house

How to book this Nile Trail

Book a Trip with a  Bicycle on the Congo Nile Trail

Sign up Congo Nile Trip through KATONA TOURS AND TRAVEL at   and

Call us on +256774161700,  +256701161700,   +250785023078



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