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Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park Tourist Activities that are done in the park

A number of Tourist Activities in Nyungwe Forest National Park of Rwanda include Chimpanzee Tracking, Colobus monkey Tracking, Canopy Walk, Hikes, Bird Watching, Water falls sight-seeing and Congo Nile Trail


Tourist Activities in Nyungwe Forest National Park

The Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda is the largest Montane Forest remaining in Africa and is a home to many primates including the Chimpanzees that support Chimpanzee Tours  and Chimpanzee Safaris, man’s closest relatives, others include Black and white colobus monkeys, bonobos that thrive in the dense forests of the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo which boost Rwanda’s Tourism industry.

Chimpanzee Tracking

Chimpanzee Tracking is carried out in the morning starting at 8am at the park headquarters involving traversing the jungle dotted by counts of birds, lush flora and impressive hiking landscapes before you approach the apes thriving in their natural habitat and one full hour is availed to you to explore these chimps as they forage, make pant hooting calls, socialize and hunt. The activity worth a Chimpanzee Tracking permit of 90USD last 2 to 6 hours of adventure.

Canopy Walk

One of the latest activities to be introduced in Nyungwe Forest National Park taking third of its caliber on the level of African continent. Canopy Walk was established in October 2010 in Nyungwe Forest and the walk stretches to 200 feet above the ground extending to 90m in length.  The canopy walk allows you to explore the higher forest canopy landscapes with the sights of beautiful butterflies, primates and birds in the highest branches of the forest. At some section, the walk way crosses, a deep valley which presents a frightening moment as you cross this deep valley. It forms a life time memory. This Canopy Walk, a permit goes for 60USD and starts at Uwinka visitor center lasting 2 hours.

Colobus Monkey tracking

Tourist Activities in Nyungwe Forest National ParkBlack and White Colubus monkey tracking commences at 8am just like any other activity. The Tracking permit cost 70USD and the adventure last between 2 to 5 hours.

Guest can combine Colubus monkey tracking with a Canopy walk to have an adventurous experience.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is carried out at any time of the day and expect to see about 278 species of birds of which 26 of these are limited in range to the Albertine rift and some of the birds include Yellow-eyed Black Flycatcher, Grauer’s Rush Warbler,  Rwenzori Turacos, Red-throated Alethe, Apalis argentea, Purple-breasted and Blue-headed, Kungwe Apalis Ruwenzori Apalis, Melaenornis ardesiacus, , Alehe poliophrys,   Stripe-breasted Tit Parus fasciiventer, Batis diops, Ruwenzori Batis, Caprimulgus ruwenzorii, Archer’s Robin-chat Cossypha archeri, Ruwenzori Nightjar, Dusky Crimson Wing,  Handsome Francolin, Shelley’s Crimsonwing,  Francolinus nobilis, Cryptospiza shelleyi, Cryptospiza jacksoni,   Hemitesia neumanni, Red-collared Babbler,  Kupeornis rufocinctus, Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill, Regal Sunbird, Neumann’s Warbler and Cinnyris regius etc.

Congo Nile Trail

This trail traverses the divide of the water catchment areas of River Congo and River Nile which are among the eminent Rivers in the world with the latter being the longest. The trail stretches to 227km and is a multi-day hiking encounter. You pass through impressive bamboo forests and rainforest and open fields. For multi day hikers, camping provisions have been set along this trail and you carry along your camping equipment. Also there are counts of shops that sell food and snacks along the trail.

Other Tails include;

Irebero Trail, Karamba Trail, Igishigishigi Trail, Umugote Trail, Umuyove Trail, Uwinka Trail, Imbaraga Trail, Isumo Trail, Bigugu Trail, Kamiranzovu Trail, Ngabwe Trail and Rukuzi Trail

Tourist Activities in Nyungwe Forest National Park

Travelers taking up a Rwanda Tour, Rwanda safari  can visit Nyungwe Forest along other National Parks in Rwanda such as Volcanoes National Park to trek Gorilla, Akagera National Park to view wild life, Lake Kivu , the Twin Lakes, Musanze caves and Ibyi’ wacu cultural center etc

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