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Discover the best Rwanda Tour Operators, and learn about Rwanda Tourism Industry with Katona Tours. Get the facts on Gorilla Safaris, Volcanoes National Park, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe Forest, Lake Kivu, and more.

Rwanda Tour Operators also known as Rwanda Tour Companies and Uganda Tour Operators or Uganda Safari Companies or may be Uganda Tour Companies as well as  Congo Tour companies. Katona Tours is a member of each of them operating Gorilla Safaris

Rwanda Tour Operators and Rwanda Tourism

Rwanda Tour OperatorsHere is a list of Best Rwanda company and credible Safari companies behind Rwanda Tourism helping Tourists to visit Volcanoes National park, Akagera National park, Nyungwe Forest, Lake Kivu, etc ; include Katona Tours.

A number of new various Tour Operators in Rwanda come up every year.  The Tourism Industry of Rwanda is marketed has a high end destination. Rwanda Tourism industry has got a lot to offer to Tourists and thus the industry has got a number of Operators or workers and employee inclusive of Safari Guides, Game Rangers, Tour operators, Self-drive operators etc.

Just like When choosing a Uganda Tour Operator, Rwanda Tour Operators such as Katona Tours and Travel, Africa Treasures and Travel, you need to look for the following tips to measure the Tour company credibility;

Safari Companies should offer eco-friendly services, Employs local guides, gives back to the local community, in expensive or  cost friendly Quotations, Safety records of the clients, Environmental impact, The Tour Operator reputation and reviews from past clients.

Rwanda Safari Companies

Factors to consider when choosing Best Rwanda company or Companies to help you with your Rwanda Tourism adventure

Cost of Rwanda Tours

Rwanda Tour CompaniesWith tour companies, it’s not always true that you get what you pay for. Many Rwanda Tour Companies overcharge or nickel-and-dime you, while some are just really good at maximizing value for your every penny. Ask where the money goes and how it is spent to find out if you are really getting the best value for your money. Find out what is included in the quotation, like the activities to participate in,  what Transport mode. Whether you are paying for Budget Lodges, Medium –range or Up market lodges.

Make sure you ask if there are added fees to pay on arrival or on ground. Many companies require you to pay additional money when the tour starts or don’t include park or attraction entrance fees.

Safety record

Make sure the Safari companies follow all the proper safety requirements and is accredited by the local government, the government where they are registered, and any other appropriate trade organizations.

Environmental impact

There’s a growing trend among travellers called ecotourism. It’s about more responsible travel, not only toward the environment, but also toward the locals in an area. This means using local guides, hotels, and services, and making sure to reduce waste and your footprint on the local habitat. Moreover, these companies tend to offer better and more interactive tours that also give you a good degree of autonomy.

Rwanda Safari Operators reputation

Uganda Safari katona tours

The credibility of the company lies in the hands of the past travellers. Look on travel message boards and at online reviews to see what a company’s reputation is. It might not always be what they claim, and it’s important to find out the truth before you book. The biggest, most expensive companies might not always have the best reputations. Sometimes the little ones are just as good. Just like Uganda Tour Operators, Rwanda operators reviews are very vital before you decide on which Tour company to use.

Travellers do leave behind reviews about their previous travel experiences forRwanda Tourism with certain Rwanda Tour Operators. Check Travel forums on , Trip advisor , Fodor, Thorn tree etc

Recommended Rwanda Tour Operators and Rwanda Safari Companies to help you buy Gorilla Permits

Katona Tours and Travel ([email protected] ,  [email protected] , What’s up: +256774161700)

-Africa Treasures and Tours ([email protected] ,  [email protected] , +256701161700)



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