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Musanze Caves are located in Musanze Kinigi Rwanda

Musanze Caves are Tourist attraction in Rwanda a home to thousands of Bats. Visit Musanze Caves for only 55USD for Safaris Tour Package in Rwanda such as Gorilla trekking or Golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes park

Another eye catching Tourist site in Rwanda close to Volcanoes National Park are the famous Musanze Caves which is picking up so fast it terms of  Tourist attractions and yet the most recent site gazetted for Tourism in Rwanda

Find out vital information on how to visit the caves  and procedures to book it’s Tour in Rwanda

Musanze Caves

Musanze Caves

Musanze caves are situated in the Norther province of Musanze and Ruhengeri district are 2 hours drive away from Kigali the capital city of Rwanda.

The Caves are 2 kilometers long underneath, with 31 entrances and are the most visited among 52 surveyed caves in the Northern Province. They have many entries as well.


Tour Musanze CavesThe formation of  Albertine Rift Valley nearly 65 million years ago by Volcanic activities  gave birth to the Caves as a result of different lava basaltic layers from the Bisoke and Sabyinyo volcanoes joining together . They are the latest addition to the tourism sites in Rwanda and so far they have shown potential of becoming a huge tourism attraction.

What to put on during this visit

-Protective gear are needed

-Touch helmet for lighting

-Boots for navigating

-Nose and Mouth cover to prevent infections from the Bats

-Gloves to prevent direct contact

During  a  2 – 3 hours Tour to Musanze Caves  expect to see bats hanging upside down and different wild plants grown on the walls. Some water drips through the overhanging walls.

The Caves were used as shelter and hiding places during wars in the past and presently are for Rwanda Tourism activities that are guided by Armed experts.

You can visit Musanze Caves in the evening or afternoon after either Gorilla trek or Golden monkey tracking and can be visited any time during day time. No need to book Tours to these caves in advance


During your adventure of Rwanda, Combine Ibyi wacu Cultural center in Ruhengeri with Musanze Caves or Visit the Twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera. Booking of this Safaris Tour in Rwanda with Katona Tours and Travel is at  ,    +256774161700  , +256701161700



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